Our Services

At Avery Limousine Global, we offer nothing but the best of hospitality with a touch of luxury and class. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional luxury chauffeured limousine services for a wide variety of events. For us, each trip you go with us is an avenue to demonstrate our professionalism and expertise. 

We are consistently improving on our services to ensure that we always meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. That means that every time you book your luxurious limo service in Connecticut with us, you can expect a high level of professionalism and class. 

What occasion do you have to attend? Trust us to provide the perfect limo that will make you stand out of the crowd. Whether your trip is about business or pleasure, or even any other event, Avery Limousine Global is up to the task of providing you with the best transportation experience. 

Our service is safe, secure, reliable, comfortable, timely, and affordable. Our unique services include the following:

Wedding Limo Avery

Wedding Limo

Whether it is your wedding or you are a wedding planner looking for the perfect exotic ride for your client’s special day, you can trust us at Avery Limousine Global to provide you with the best of service. 


Airport Transportation

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and timeliness always. So, when you need reliable airport ground transportation, Avery Limousine Global is the company to talk to. 

Limo Stadium

Stadiums Limo

Are you a sports lover? Do you have a match to catch at the stadium? Or are you a sports manager looking for a luxury ride to take your team to a sports event? 

Funeral Limo Avery

Funeral Limo

Losing a loved one can be very emotional and there is no better way to usher them to their final resting place than with a limo. We offer funeral limousine service to any funeral homes around and you can trust us to provide the best service that will give you no stress.  

Avery university and College

Universities and College

Creating an impression is very crucial wherever you go. So, when you want to visit the university in class and style, you should choose our service. You only have to tell us the kind of luxurious vehicle that you want and we will make it available to you. 

Avery Leisure Limo

Leisure Car Service

 It doesn’t matter where you want to go or what you want to do, Avery Limousine Global is your ally when it comes to your luxury transportation. Whether you are planning a wine tour, a romantic date, a city tour, or any other leisure event.

Avery Cruise Service

Cruise Ships Terminal

Are you ready to enjoy the cool breeze and the serenity that the seawater has to offer? It is time to go on a cruise aboard a luxurious ship and explore the wonders of nature.

Avery Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen Party

Hurray! Your daughter is turning 16 and it is time to usher her into adulthood in class and style. Do you want to create memorable sweet-16 birthday memories for your child?

Avery Casino Limo

Casinos Limo

Connecticut has a lot of fun and attraction destinations to offer. If you are interested in reveling in gambling in the city, you can be sure to find a good number of casinos.

Avery Hotel

Hotel Limo

Do you have a special occasion in town and you are sleeping over? There are great hotels around that you can stay. If you are also coming to town for a corporate conference, retreat, or social function.

Prom Avery

Prom Limo Service

Our goal is to make your prom night as memorable and special as possible. So we offer exquisite prom limo service in Connecticut that will make you stand out and take the spotlight. 

Bridgeport Ferry Limo

Bridgeport Ferry Limo

Planning an overnight vacation for the Bridgeport Ferry? Well, you can choose to drive but you would have to leave your car in a parking lot all through the time you are away. 

Avery Limo

School Transportation

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a variety of transportation packages for our clients in Connecticut and its environs. Our services also cover school transportation and our main goal is to provide state-of-the-art vehicles.